Redeeming a Capsule NFT

Learn how to redeem a Capsule NFT.
For more information on Capsule NFTs, please read Capsule NFTs.

Step 1: Go to the App

Open the CapsuleNFT app - accessible through or our website,

Step 2: Connect Metamask

to connect your Metamask account.
For more information on Metamask or to create an account, please visit their website.

Step 3: "My Capsule NFTs"

to go to the "My Capsule NFTs" section.

Step 4: Select the Collection

, use the drop-down menu to select the collection where the Capsule NFT is minted.
For more information on Capsule Collections, please read Capsule Collections.

Step 5: "Redeem"

Locate the Capsule NFT you would like to redeem. Under the Capsule NFT, click
to redeem.
The Capsule NFT and attached artwork will be permanently burned during the redemption process.
A confirmation page will appear. After confirming that all information is correct, proceed by clicking "Redeem".
Confirm the transaction on the Metamask extension.
NOTE: This action interacts with the Ethereum blockchain and will cost ether to perform.
You will need to wait for your transaction to be processed before continuing to the next step. The status of your transaction can be viewed under "Recent Transactions" on the bottom of the page.

All done!

After your transaction is processed, the selected Capsule NFT will have been redeemed and burned. Any stored tokens within the Capsule NFT will have been transferred to your Ethereum Address.