A new class of Capsule NFTs is coming - Iron Capsules!
  • With Iron Capsules, tokens can be stored and redeemed without burning (destroying) the Capsule NFT.
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The beta version of our app is live! With our beta app, users can:
  • Mint Simple, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 Capsule NFTs
  • Create and view public and private collections
  • View Capsule NFTs and their contents through CapsuleScan
  • Redeem Capsule NFTs for their stored tokens
We are always looking to improve our products - so send your feedback!

What is the Capsule Protocol?

The Capsule Protocol is a community-driven ecosystem that offers users new and revolutionary ways to interact with NFTs. The premier application of the Capsule Protocol is the ability to help users create Capsule NFTs - NFTs that are able to store other tokens within them, which may be redeemed at a later date.
While storing tokens within NFTs is a concept that has been mostly overlooked, the ability to do so opens up many new exciting opportunities for users within the cryptosphere. To list a few examples:
  • Creating NFT art that has a baseline value (attributable to the underlying tokens within)
  • Distributing project tokens through an ‘Initial NFT Offering (INO)’ using a Capsule NFT containing the project tokens
  • Storing interest-generating tokens (Vesper’s ‘vTokens’, Aave’s ‘aTokens’, etc) within Capsule NFTs to create an interest-generating NFT
  • Supporting a metaverse economy
These ideas only scratch the surface of what the Capsule Protocol can offer. There are a multitude of valuable and unique use cases that have yet to be discovered. It is our hope that providing the crypto community with the Capsule Protocol will inspire innovation and creativity far into the future of the cryptosphere. If you are interested, please visit the Use Cases section for an elaboration of the listed ideas and more interesting applications imagined by the Capsule team.
Whether you are an artist, a developer, an entrepreneur or none of the above, we believe anyone can find a home within the Capsule ecosystem.
The following documentation is meant to provide users with a technical and functional overview of the Capsule Protocol and provide guidance on how users can begin interacting with the ecosystem.