Viewing a Capsule NFT

Learn how to view an owned Capsule NFT.
For more information on Capsule NFTs, please read Capsule NFTs.

Step 1: Go to the App

Open the CapsuleNFT app - accessible through or our website,

Step 2: Connect Metamask

to connect your Metamask account.
For more information on Metamask or to create an account, please visit their website.

Step 3: "My Capsule NFTs"

to go to the "My Capsule NFTs" section.

Step 4: Select the Collection

, use the drop-down menu to select the collection where the Capsule NFT is minted.
Within the chosen collection, the type of Capsule NFT can be filtered by selecting "All", "Simple Capsule NFTs", "ERC-20 Capsule NFTs", or "ERC-721 Capsule NFTs".
For more information on Capsule Collections, please read Capsule Collections.

Step 5: View Capsule NFT

Locate the Capsule NFT in the collection.
To view the contents of the Capsule NFT, click
To view the Capsule NFT on OpenSea, click the OpenSea logo

All done!

From viewing your Capsule NFT, you can perform all sorts of actions - open CapsuleScan to view stored tokens; buy, sell, & trade on OpenSea; or redeem the Capsule NFT!